Celtic Cross Tarot Reading


This 10 card Celtic Cross reading gives you a big overview of your present situation, factors that could be interfering with your goals, what you can understand to move forward.

This is a great choice if you have a question you’re finding difficult to understand, or if you’d just like a general look at where you are in life.

Your question will be handled with the utmost care and consideration, but keep in mind that this is highly psychological. I don’t believe that the cards have the ability to tell your future because your future is ever-changing, so questions of who you’re going to marry, how many kids, is your business going to succeed, or health issues can’t in good conscience be answered. HOWEVER, I do believe the cards can offer insight into why our questions concern us and how to take an empowered stance no matter the outcome.

This reading is done through email so you can hold onto and re-read it as you wish. This is for entertainment purposes only, and to explore your mind and thoughts.



You’ll get a full 10 card Celtic Cross reading delivered straight to your email.



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