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Five Fabulous Finds for September

It’s time for the Five Fabulous Finds for September. I read a lot and when I find something interesting I make note of it. At the end of the month I like to pick my top five favorite articles and post them here. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes interesting, or dark and spooky, but I hope in all cases you find them as interesting as I have!


Why You NEED to take a Stay-cation During COVID

I JUST GOT BACK FROM VACATION!!! No, I didn’t go anywhere and yes, I work from home running this blog, so why would “I” need to take a stay-cation? I’m writing this because I realized that many people aren’t used to working from home and may even feel bad for asking for time off to hang out at their homes, but it’s essential that you do this even if you’re working from home and even if your vacation time will be spent at home. Keep reading to find out why.


Crystal of the Month: Carnelian

To be honest, Carnelian was not my favorite crystal. Slowly though, over time it’s grown on me. I’ve come to really appreciate it’s reddish-orange color and then once I started learning about its metaphysical properties, I started to like it even more. This is also the natural birthstone for those born from August 22 to September 22, so if your birthday falls in that range be sure to read on!


How to Make These Crocheted Washcloths

My grandmother taught me to crochet, and honestly, I’m so grateful she did. I can still remember trying, though not quite having the patients to complete a blanket for my dolly. I must have been seven or eight. Since then I’ve made a number of blankets. During this time of COVID and shortages on things like paper towels, I’m happy to make something that I can wash dishes with, clean counters, and mop up messes and then just toss it in the washer. This is an easy project if you’re new to crochet with only three stitches involved and I’ll walk you through each one or provide accompanying videos so you never feel lost. In the end, you should have some washcloths to enjoy or even give away as gifts!


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Living Life After Therapy

Therapy and the idea of going to therapy is a lot more commonplace and a lot less stigmatized than it used to be. Everyone from Carrie Bradshaw to the Kardashians has a therapist they march to whenever life gets crazy. But what happens when you’ve been seeing your therapist for a while? Is there life after therapy or do you just stay there forever? I’ve recently started on my journey of life after therapy and I wanted to talk a little about what therapy is, what it isn’t, and what life after looks like.


Five Fabulous Finds for August

2020 has really put the CRUEL in the song Cruel Summer. No time at the beach. Festivals canceled. Even the fourth of July was a wash. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze every last drop of fun out and start getting inspired for a change in season!


8 Backyard and Living Room Camping Ideas

Last year, my husband discovered how much he enjoys camping. I even got him a campfire cooking set. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when things started going into lockdown. While the COVID-19 numbers are staying pretty even in Massachusetts, I’m not sure I want to press my luck by going to a campsite where there are shared areas like bathrooms. However, that’s no reason to cancel camping plans! This post contains everything you need to have fun camping in your own home or backyard and you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this!


How to Make a Mini Bar with a Toilet Storage Caddy

I can remember sitting on my couch watching the Kardashians and admiring their lushes home bar. My “bar” at this point was just a sad mini-fridge and looked very…college dorm-like. I wasn’t very proud of it. However, instead of remaining jealous, I started to consider what I could do to dress up this space. I thought up this hack and not only does it look gorgeous, but it wasn’t that expensive either!


How to Make This Personalized Mug

It seems as like as fast as the world opens up, it’s shutting down again. Here in Massachusetts, things are still much the same as they were the whole year with lots of time being spent indoors and only going out if I have a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer on me. However, there’s still lots of fun to be had indoors. Regardless of whether or not you have kids or not, this craft is fun at any age. Who knew that personalizing your own mug could be so fun!


The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama

I love self-help books. I’ve loved reading them since high school when I started my journey into the mind to understand depression and anxiety (since I was starting to experience both and didn’t want my life ruined by them as my father had). I’ve read some wonderful books and some downright awful ones, but this book is in a world all of its own. The Art of Happiness is life-changing and I’m about to tell you why.