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Home Psychology and the House Witch

We have been spending LOTS of time at home, and that has affected people in different ways. In today’s post, I’m going to talk a little about how the home is a reflection of our own psychology as well as talk about a really awesome book I’ve read recently called “The House Witch” by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. If you’ve found your time at home tainted or downright awful because you’ve been stuck in it for so long, this post is FOR YOU!


Five Fabulous Finds for June

This is your Five Awesome Finds for June! These are articles that I find throughout the month that I think are either, helpful, informative, entertaining, or just plain fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and by the way, number 3 was incredibly helpful during this time especially.


My Review With a Video for Cathy’s Greenhouse

What I thought was going to be a fun easy little project turned out to be so much more. This was seriously like a bad romance. It was fun in the beginning, then little disappointments added up, then it came down to sheer commitment to finish the project. Now as I sit here writing this, I’m looking at this beautiful little thing I created and kind of wanting to do it again…kind of…maybe…I’m going to show and tell you about its twists and turns and all that went into such a little package and YOU can decide if you have enough of your life to waste spend on gluing, shaping, and even soldering micro-sized things to create this. The only advice I can offer should you chose to go on this journey is “Take your time and Good luck”.


Pot-Pourri to Make Your Home Smell like Williams Sonoma

Are you missing the mall so much that you want your home to smell as good as Williams-Sonoma did? Well, you’re in luck! This pot-pourri is gonna do just that. You might not be able to go to the mall, but at least your home will smell fabulous!


How to Make an Energizing Coffee Soap

Nothing smells better in the morning than coffee…and I drink decaf!!! Coffee just has a naturally invigorating smell so I’m really happy to show you how to make this Coffee Soap! Not only does it smell fantastic, but the ground coffee acts as a mild exfoliant to give your skin a bit of a wake up as well! It’s currently my husband’s favorite soap!


The Featured Stone of the Month is Picasso Jasper

I find Picasso Jasper to be a really artist stone. I’m not just saying that because of the name either. After making my first Mala with this stone, I just loved how it looked with all the deep colors and it honestly made me feel inspired to get out my old sketchbooks again. But that’s not the only reason this stone is amazing!


Five Awesome Finds for May!

Once a month I like to release a post that highlights some fun, interesting, inspiring, or uplifting things I found while perusing the web. These are my top five for this beautiful month of May! I hope you enjoy this, and for the record, number 4 was my favorite!


How to Make this Tropical Coconut-Lime Soap WITH A VIDEO!!!

I love really unique soaps. I also like saving money and you can do both! I made this Tropical Coconut Lime Soap a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it in the shower and it’s been amazing. It’s very hydrating on the skin and feels like I got it from a store at the mall. The smell of coconut and lime is so invigorating that it’s just perfect for morning showers.


How to Prepare for a Hurricane, Blizzard (or Pandemic)

Originally this post was supposed to be about how I personally prepared for Hurricanes in Florida (because it’s about to become hurricane season) and Blizzards in Massachusetts, but I am currently using these skills to make life a little better during this Pandemic. So, I’m going to share some secrets that I have learned and used so that you don’t have to leave your home as much for groceries.


Featured Stone of May: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a gorgeous blue stone with a lot of wonderful properties. Considering I’m giving away a mala necklace that features this stone I thought it would be good to go over some of the cool facts and metaphysical properties that this stone is believed to poses.