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How to Make this Pumpkintini that Tastes just like Pie!

I’M THANKFUL FOR MARTINI’S! No matter how big or small your Thanksgiving is this year, there’s one thing you can’t forget, and that’s the pumpkin pie. However, this is 2020, and nothing is really as it seems, so if that’s the order of the day, then this Pumpkintini should fit the bill! It’s simple to make and tastes just like a slice of that iconic pie!


How We are Celebrating Thanksgiving During the Pandemic

I like to go all out for Thanksgiving. I like to make the turkey, stuffing, pies, the whole thing. Since we don’t have any family in Massachusetts, we would often invite our friends to share in the Thanksgiving spirit. This year is different, though, and not necessarily in a bad way different. In this post, I’m going to share how Amin and I are celebrating Thanksgiving and making it more intimate, more loving, and way more thankful than it’s ever been.


A Pumpkin Honey Face Mask for All Skin Types

I believe I’ve said this multiple times, but if you’re new to my blog, I’ll say it again. New England winters are HARSH!!! Brutal even. Don’t get me wrong, fall is gorgeous, summer is beautiful, and spring is magical with all the colors slowly blooming in nature until one day everything is lush and green and colorful. Winter, however, is cold and no matter how I try to protect my face the dry air eventually causes it to dry out, which means my cheeks can flake they get so dry and my brown and the middle of my face gets overly oily in an attempt to compensate for the dryness. I was so happy to find this festive face mask packed with skin-soothing ingredients that are sure to have you soft and balanced again.


How to Make This Cranberry Brie Tart with Pancetta and Thyme

This Thanksgiving may be a little odd this year. It may be more difficult to have large Thanksgiving gatherings, and money is tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy Thanksgiving anyway. Thanksgiving at my house will be just my husband and me, and because of that, we’re scaling down how much food we make. I was really excited and happy to find this simple and yet highly delicious tart. It has all those really classic holiday flavors and makes for either a nice appetizer if you happen to have a large family or a tasty side for a smaller family like mine.


How to Make this Stylish Orange Slice Garland

Dried orange slices have always fascinated me. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida, but I remember seeing potpourri, garland, and even Christmas ornaments with dried orange slices. I remember taking a slice and holding it up to the light and seeing all those segments no longer fruit but frozen in time yet beautifully colorful. Now, as an adult, I wanted to make my own orange slice garland to stand out against the white of the New England Winters.


White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Squash

Twas a dark and stormy night, and I decided to make this Macabre-Roni and Cheese Stuffed Squash. However, as I added the ingredients, I soon realized I was creating a MONSTER!!! This bubbling, cheesy creation threatened to overwhelm my unsuspecting sauce pot. As lightning struck, and I brought the concoction to my quivering lips I realized my taste bust were ALIVE!!!! While I have scaled down this recipe for a reasonably sized household, it’s potency will none-the-less leave your family ghoulishly grinning for more.


How Using Tarot can Help Explore Your Mind

Growing up in a really strict Christian home I was always taught that tarot was a tool of the Devil. However, I really started to learn more about it ironically when I started therapy. I started to also learn about the history of why Tarot is considered to be evil rather than helpful and I found that it has less to do with the spiritual world and more to do with how we think and see ourselves.


Three Decorating Ideas for the Holidays to Save You Money!

Money is tight. I think that’s true for most people living in this world at this time. So how do you have the ability to decorate for holidays on a budget? This is something I’ve become really accustomed to doing. I don’t like the idea of decorating for Halloween just to rip everything down once October is over. I also don’t like decorating just for Christmas when winter has just begun, so I’ve learned how to decorate in a way that not only saves me money but lasts a little longer than one might expect and I’m going to be sharing those tips with you!


Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology!

I recently decided to get a Halloween bundle from Maniology and I have to say I was NOT disappointed by what I got! I got two stamping plates, a special Halloween themed scrap and stamper, as well as three gorgeous polishes to try. Not only will I review how this product worked for me, but I’ll also show you a custom design I did using the polishes I had on hand.