Perfect for Summer Crab Cakes

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know that I ADORE seafood ESPECIALLY during the Summer. So it should be no surprise that I’m about to tell you the recipe for these crab cakes with a remoulade that is so good that my husband often puts it on the salad that I serve alongside these cakes. If you’ve got a craving for all things crab, keep reading!

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My Aloha Fried Rice Recipe

I LOVE the tropics. I’ve never been to Hawaii but if it’s anything like Puerto Rico it’s got to be gorgeous. Lately, I’ve been feeling the pull of the beach. The closest beach we have here is Revere and it’s okay, but not like the Florida beaches I grew up with. So I’m trying to celebrate the beginning of summer the best way I can and that’s through food. That’s when I had this delicious idea to make this Hawaiian Fried Rice and now the recipe is ALL YOURS!

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Sweet and Savory Crepes Two Ways

The duality of life is something frequently encountered. Good vs. Bad. Happy vs Sad. Tired vs Energize and here’s another one for you to pick between (or not): Sweet vs. Savory! Don’t worry though, once you know how to make a crepe what you put into it is all up to you so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. I LOVE Crepes, but I’ve always heard that they are tough to make. I decided to be brave though, and try this recipe to make a delicious breakfast, and it was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. So I’m happy to pass this on to you.

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How to Cook an Elegant Steak Oscar

My husband’s birthday was recently and considering we weren’t able to go to a restaurant to celebrate, I asked him what he would like that was special for a dinner at home. He told me he wanted something that was surf and turf with a little meat and some seafood. I went scouting and found this recipe for Steak Oscar and let me tell you, it was MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!

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Luxurious Slow Cooker Lamb Stew

I really can’t express how much I hate winter in Massachusetts. I know I’ve said this before, but truly, it’s not even the snow, it’s the icy wind and just the frigidness of it all. To be honest, I actually deal with a subtle form of depression during the winter because things slow down and it’s like everyone is hibernating. I get extremely lazy during the winter, so cooking dinner is usually a struggle, which is why I love this recipe so much.

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Cantaloupe with Mozzarella and Prosciutto Salad

In this season of dieting, I wanted to talk a little about this new salad for those who don’t like tomatoes or greens.

A traditional Caprese Salad has mozzarella, tomato, and basil and it’s delicious, but not everyone likes tomatoes. My husband for example really doesn’t like them and I don’t always want a traditional green leafy salad so finding this was a major win for my home.

I would like to give credit to the website I found this on, but unfortunately, this recipe was removed and I had to remember it from scratch. I’ve seen variations on this where people have added basil or mint, and even balsamic vinegar, but I’m going to give you the recipe I like to put together when I want a sweet and savory meal. This salad serves 4.

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Feel Healthy and Full with this Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds

Okay guys, for this Foodie Friday I’m going to be really honest, I liked the idea of having a smoothie BUT I was usually hungry a couple of hours later and then I’d buy a hamburger, or I’d cook up a whole box of mac n’ cheese.

Recently I’ve been trying to eat healthier and I came across this recipe. It doesn’t have any super unique things like protein powder, or seaweed or anything special….it was just really simple and straight forward and Ally from Ally’s Cooking claimed it would “Keep you full for hours!”. To be honest, maybe it was because I was hangry, or maybe it was because I just have this natural ability to distrust everything anyone says to me, but I was really not thinking this smoothie was going to be good. I expected it to taste weird, and that in a half an hour I’d be chowing down on a Big Mac (sorry Ally). So I made the smoothie and the first sip was “Oh Wow! This actually tastes great!”. I honestly was surprised. I thought for sure I’d be able to taste the spinach, but NOPE! It was the perfect tropical lunch smoothie I was hoping for and I even set up a little photoshoot with it in my garden. I wasn’t even going to write about it, and didn’t even put it on my editorial calendar yet here I am writing about it because January is the month of diets, fads, fasting, and working out till you pass out and if there’s anything I can offer that makes all this pressure plus the winter blues melt I will. So here’s what’s in it!

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