How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall

I had this idea while playing around with Snapchat and wishing I had a better background than a blank wall. While this did require some supplies and time to create, it looks amazing and can really perk up any room. I currently have it brightening up my mantel (yes that’s my wedding photo in the picture!), but I’ve also had it as wall decor in my office!

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How Going on a Spiritual Retreat Helped Me Love Myself

When I think of February, I think of Valentine’s, and that means love. Usually, that love comes in the form of candy or cards from others, but more and more people are starting to understand that we need to be able to love ourselves before we can be stable enough to love someone else. So what does that even mean? Last year I wrote THIS article for basic self-love ideas, but this year I tried something different. I decided to go on a spiritual retreat, and this is how it went!

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Five Fabulous Finds for January

Welcome to Five Fabulous Finds. This is a once a month post where I bring you five interesting (and possibly unrelated) things I’ve found while scanning the internet that I think you all either might like to read or buy! The focus here is for January so if you’re looking for some topics to check out while you wait out a snowstorm or warm up by a fire, this is the place!

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The Best Book to Start Your Year Off Right Especially if You’re a Perfectionist

I LOVE New Years’ Eve and Day. I would even go as far as saying it’s my favorite holiday because it’s a great time to look at your life and make some really awesome plans for your 365 days ahead. HOWEVER, it’s so easy to take planning a better life to such a crazy level of perfection that it becomes easy to fail, and feel bad about that! Today’s post is about a book I read that really had a major impact to how I view myself and my life. This book taught me a level of compassion for myself that I think everyone really needs to cultivate especially if you’re a perfectionist like me.

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How To Make a Cozy Winter Center Piece

The holidays are over! This might come as a relief for some of you. There’s a new problem though, what to do with all that extra space left behind from your Christmas decorations. While I could honestly write a book about decorating after the holidays, I’m going to show you a small design that can work on your dining room table, above your mantel or on your coffee table. It’s warm and inviting and will hopefully fill in some of those gaps.

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Warm Up at Shojo in Boston’s Iconic Chinatown

Winters in Boston can be intimidating. You know what else can be intimidating? Finding a great place to eat in Chinatown. Don’t get me wrong, Boston’s Chinatown has TONS of great places with really beautiful authentic food, but every city has it’s hidden gems, and Boston is no different.

This place is a bit small. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked straight past it. So if you’re tired of being stuck inside to escape the cold, and want someplace new and fun to check out, you can’t go wrong with Shojo!

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Five Fabulous Finds for Winter

I know you’re probably in the middle of a dozen things right now like buying presents, going to Christmas parties, making cookies, decorating, and there’s traffic and grumpy people and lots of stress.

For a moment in your day, I want to take you away from all that and give you five fun and/or interesting things I’ve found around the web that will hopefully make your day a little better.

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My Thanksgiving Traditions for Two (or Less)

I have really great childhood memories of the holiday’s thanks to my mother. She really owned this holiday in particular and started cooking the turkey the night before and the pies a day before everything else. I can still remember the smells of the house.

When I first got married, my husband and I would split our time between our families. When we moved up here to Massachusetts we didn’t have a family to visit and we don’t have any children, so our large Thanksgivings with lots of people was gone. Now, this might sound really lonely, but it allowed me to create Thanksgiving traditions that are special to my husband and I. So if you find that your Thanksgiving table is a little emptier than usual, let me give you some really fun suggestions.

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The Ultimate Fall Pot-Pourri Recipe

I read an article once saying that your sense of smell is the strongest maker of memories and if you think about it, that’s probably why the food you ate as a kid has a nice comforting effect when you smell it now as an adult. It doesn’t go away once you reach adulthood though, so if you’re looking to make some new memories this year, you’ll want to check out this Pot-pourri recipe I tried that will guarantee to get your whole house smelling like fall.

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