Five Fabulous Finds for January

Welcome to Five Fabulous Finds. This is a once a month post where I bring you five interesting (and possibly unrelated) things I’ve found while scanning the internet that I think you all either might like to read or buy! The focus here is for January so if you’re looking for some topics to check out while you wait out a snowstorm or warm up by a fire, this is the place!

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Five Fabulous Finds for Winter

I know you’re probably in the middle of a dozen things right now like buying presents, going to Christmas parties, making cookies, decorating, and there’s traffic and grumpy people and lots of stress.

For a moment in your day, I want to take you away from all that and give you five fun and/or interesting things I’ve found around the web that will hopefully make your day a little better.

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Five Fabulous Finds for Fall

When October hits there is no denying it. There’s a chill in the air, everything is pumpkin spice, the leaves are changing colors and everyone is gearing up for HALLOWEEN!!! So for this post, I wanted to showcase some things I love to have and do during this amazing season. If you’re needing a jumpstart to get into the Autumn spirit, I hope these inspire you as they have me.

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