25 Ways to Survive Your Time in Home Quarantine

Truthfully, I had something completely different planned to write about today. I often plan topics a year in advance and change things up once the day gets near. Today was supposed to be about a St. Patrick’s day mixed drink, but I wasn’t expecting that the entire world would be battling a really bad virus.

Just because we’re being asked (or in some cases told) to either work from home or isolate doesn’t mean that it has to be horrible. Considering I naturally enjoy my time at home, I’m going to share with you how this has affected me as well as some great tips to keep your mind and body (and even social life) alive. Hopefully, you’ll look back on this time as a moment you were able to grow as a person rather than wasting it just playing games or watching TV.

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What You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon!

Tonight is a Full Moon! The moon has always been a mysterious part of humanity. There are so many thoughts and ideas about how it influences us. It’s symbolic of a lot of things, like sleep, our dream states, our psychology, the parts of our personality we like to hide or ignore, and it’s traditionally a time to reflect on how our month has been and what we need to let go of to proceed into a better part of our lives. It can play a huge roll in goalsetting and understanding yourself better if you know what to look for and the aim of this post is to help you understand a little bit more about the big glowing nightlight in the sky.

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How to Make this Rose Covered Selfie Wall

I had this idea while playing around with Snapchat and wishing I had a better background than a blank wall. While this did require some supplies and time to create, it looks amazing and can really perk up any room. I currently have it brightening up my mantel (yes that’s my wedding photo in the picture!), but I’ve also had it as wall decor in my office!

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