Three Decorating Ideas for the Holidays to Save You Money!

Money is tight. I think that’s true for most people living in this world at this time. So how do you have the ability to decorate for holidays on a budget? This is something I’ve become really accustomed to doing. I don’t like the idea of decorating for Halloween just to rip everything down once October is over. I also don’t like decorating just for Christmas when winter has just begun, so I’ve learned how to decorate in a way that not only saves me money but lasts a little longer than one might expect and I’m going to be sharing those tips with you!

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Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology!

I recently decided to get a Halloween bundle from Maniology and I have to say I was NOT disappointed by what I got! I got two stamping plates, a special Halloween themed scrap and stamper, as well as three gorgeous polishes to try. Not only will I review how this product worked for me, but I’ll also show you a custom design I did using the polishes I had on hand.

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How to Make These Shrunken Apple Heads

I remember being a little girl sitting with my mother as she cleaned out the master bedroom closet. It was full of old picture books of relatives, my baby photos, and a box….when I opened the box there were some peculiar items that were both strange and weirdly cute. They were preserved shrunken apple heads! My mother had made them when she was in art school. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them, but I can still recall their strange features. One was smiling with a big toothy grin, and another was laughing, and I knew that one day I’d have to recreate them.

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How To Make these Ghoulishly Gorgeous Halloween Inspired Nails!

HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW!!! I’m sure by now you’ve got your costume all picked out and have in mind what you’re going to be doing whether that’s going to a party, trick-or-treating with your kids, or hiding out at home handing out candy and watching something scary ( my personal favorite choice). No matter what you’re up to, an easy way to celebrate this fun holiday is to do your nails.

I don’t have children to impress, so I prefer a more elegant nail that celebrates the season. I personally do that by using colors that are a bit more toned down, and designs that are a bit more sophisticated. This look is something that can be worn to the office, as well as to any event you have going on tomorrow and it’s fairly simple for anyone to recreate!

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10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to get You Inspired

If we were sitting around a campfire, I’d tell you the story of Stingy Jack, a man who tricked the devil and thus couldn’t be allowed into Hell when he died and was too bad for Heaven. Because of that, he was forced to roam the earth for all eternity with only glowing coal to light his way…He became known as Jack of the Lantern….which leads me to the topic of this post! Jack-O-Lanterns!!!! To decorate a pumpkin is a long-standing Halloween tradition and with the magic of social media, there are tons of fantastic ideas floating around to get you inspired. The following are my top favorites!

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My Top 5 Horrifyingly Haunted Paintings You’ve Never Heard Of

Haunted Paintings are a fixture in any haunted home. You know the ones, lightning flashes and the beautiful bride painting turns into an evil hag or the painting of some creepy victorian man whose eyes follow you around the room. But did you know that there are actual haunted paintings?

When I’m not writing, I’m painting. In fact, I’ve actually just finished a give-away contest for a print of one of my paintings “The Master of Halloween Ceremonies”, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I really enjoy reading about Haunted Paintings. For this post, I’m going to introduce you to my favorite top 5 horrifying haunted paintings!

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How to Sculpt a Pumpkin

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So for the last few years I’ve been watching Halloween Wars on the Food Network. It combines two of my favorite hobbies which is cooking and art. One of the things they do that I’ve been wanting to try for years is pumpkin sculpting. Pumpkin sculpting is much different than carving. Pumpkin carving conjures up images of the traditional toothy grinned pumpkins that you would see on anyone’s door stop. Pumpkin sculpting however is a completely different animal. Read more