Your Name and What it Really Means

Happy April Fools! April fools is all about people playing tricks on others, pranking others, and getting people to believe something different than their actual reality. This post is all about that and how people use your “names” to make you believe something about you that may not even be true! There are all kinds of legends and even spiritual references about how powerful a person’s name is. Hayao Miyazaki (the Japanese Walt Disney) said “The act of depriving (a person) of one’s name is not just changing how one (person) calls the other. It is a way to rule the other (person) completely.” and this is showing in his movie Spirited Away when the evil Yubaba takes the main character Chihiro’s name away enslaving her in a bathhouse (this is one of my favorite films). We’re going to be going over the power and meaning behind your name, and the ways others have tried to take that away and enslave you with a new identity.

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25 Ways to Survive Your Time in Home Quarantine

Truthfully, I had something completely different planned to write about today. I often plan topics a year in advance and change things up once the day gets near. Today was supposed to be about a St. Patrick’s day mixed drink, but I wasn’t expecting that the entire world would be battling a really bad virus.

Just because we’re being asked (or in some cases told) to either work from home or isolate doesn’t mean that it has to be horrible. Considering I naturally enjoy my time at home, I’m going to share with you how this has affected me as well as some great tips to keep your mind and body (and even social life) alive. Hopefully, you’ll look back on this time as a moment you were able to grow as a person rather than wasting it just playing games or watching TV.

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Why YOU NEED to Play More!

I always knew that playing was a massive part of how children learn to interact with the world around them, but I always assumed that, as an adult, playing was a waste of time. This book ‘Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul’ by Stuart Brown, taught me how essential it is to KEEP PLAYING even as an adult. If you’re looking to have better relationships, be more successful at work, and even possibly live longer, YOU NEED to check this book out!

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What You Need to Know About Tonight’s Full Moon!

Tonight is a Full Moon! The moon has always been a mysterious part of humanity. There are so many thoughts and ideas about how it influences us. It’s symbolic of a lot of things, like sleep, our dream states, our psychology, the parts of our personality we like to hide or ignore, and it’s traditionally a time to reflect on how our month has been and what we need to let go of to proceed into a better part of our lives. It can play a huge roll in goalsetting and understanding yourself better if you know what to look for and the aim of this post is to help you understand a little bit more about the big glowing nightlight in the sky.

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What to Expect at PAX EAST with VIDEO!

The gaming industry has become massive, and every year for the last five years I’ve been going to a three-day conference that focuses solely on that. There’s so much to do, explore and see at this conference that you can easily spend three days. With tickets for this year currently being sold, I wanted to give you a taste of what you can expect to see if you go! The video included with this article is what happened when I went last year.

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How Going on a Spiritual Retreat Helped Me Love Myself

When I think of February, I think of Valentine’s, and that means love. Usually, that love comes in the form of candy or cards from others, but more and more people are starting to understand that we need to be able to love ourselves before we can be stable enough to love someone else. So what does that even mean? Last year I wrote THIS article for basic self-love ideas, but this year I tried something different. I decided to go on a spiritual retreat, and this is how it went!

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Happy Chinese New Year to My Fellow Rats!

Tomorrow celebrations will be held for the year of the rat!!! So to all my fellow rats out there, this post is for you where we’ll take some time to learn a little about the Chinese Zodiac as well as some fun ideas to celebrate it!

To start off, let’s discuss what the Chinese zodiac even is. It’s actual orgins are foggy at best but the story itself revolves around 12 animals. These included the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, and Pig. There are several versions of the story, told by anyone from the Jade Emperor to the Buddha but the basics is that the animals are invited to the palace for either a dinner party or a race. On the way, The Rat came firt because he road on the nose of the Ox.

While I’m not Chinese, I found that my zodiac animal is pretty accurate, and it’s kind of fun to see all the celebrations in Chinatown!

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