Celebrate St. Patty’s with some Green and Gold Ombre Nails!

Get your green and gold on literally! These cute green ombre nails are sure to get you noticed while sipping a pint. If you’ve never done an ombre nail before, this guide will show you how, it’s a tad bit messy but has a beautiful effect. Use it on one or all of your nails and top it off with a god accent nail! Nothing summons the luck of the Irish like these babies!

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How To Make these Sexy Latino Valentine Nails!

Valentine’s colors are almost always red, pink, and white. Which are all great colors, but this year I wanted to do something a bit more unexpected. I saw this heart pattern on a MoYou London plate and thought it would be perfect to try with some bold tropical colors. This is an excellent look if you want to mix it up a bit, or if you are lucky enough to be either living or visiting someplace lovely and warm!

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How To Make these Ghoulishly Gorgeous Halloween Inspired Nails!

HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW!!! I’m sure by now you’ve got your costume all picked out and have in mind what you’re going to be doing whether that’s going to a party, trick-or-treating with your kids, or hiding out at home handing out candy and watching something scary ( my personal favorite choice). No matter what you’re up to, an easy way to celebrate this fun holiday is to do your nails.

I don’t have children to impress, so I prefer a more elegant nail that celebrates the season. I personally do that by using colors that are a bit more toned down, and designs that are a bit more sophisticated. This look is something that can be worn to the office, as well as to any event you have going on tomorrow and it’s fairly simple for anyone to recreate!

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Beach Bound Summer Nail Tutorial

I really love doing my own nails. I like the whole process of putting on something fun to watch and then buffing them and painting them. I also love doing nail art which means that I either have to shell out a lot of money at the nail salon, or I learn how to do it myself. I found Moyou London and their nail stamps and I’ve been a fan ever since. The plates are reusable, you can use your own nail polish (so long as it’s highly pigmented) and they’re always coming out with new stuff. I have several plates from them and consider it as self-imposed rest because I can’t do anything until my nails are dry.

Summertime is TONS of fun not just for the warm weather, but because you can use really bright fun colors for polishes. Today I’m going to show you how to get a fun summer look using a couple of techniques as well as a nail plate and stamp from Moyou, and you know it’s good because they’re not paying me to say anything. I am using some Amazon affiliate links which means if you like what you see and you click and buy from them, I get a small commission (thank you!).

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My TOP Valentine Manicure Ideas!

I love to do my own nails which you probably already know if you’ve seen my “End of Summer Nails” and my “How to do a Manicure at Home” posts. I really try to make it a self-care ritual, by buffing, letting them soak, doing my own hand massage with some nice lotion and giving them a nice fresh coat of paint. Within the last year though, I have started investing in some nail stamps by a company called Mo-You London. Their stamps seem to work really well, and they’re reusable and can work with your own polish so long as it’s heavily pigmented like OPI’s stuff.

There are so many options for Valentines nails, but for me personally, I love how pink looks and considering how cold it is up here in Massachusetts during February I wanted to use the MoYou London Nail Stamp Called “Festive #06”. It has two really cure heart stamps that look like they should be on a sweater!

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