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How to Make this Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub

I have to pay special attention to my lips during the winter. The air get’s so dry and cold and then when you add hot drinks to that, they can get seriously chapped. Lips scrubs are one of the top ways I keep my lips soft and chap-free and this one brings back so delicious holiday memories.


Mani and Me Zodiac Nail Box!

Long winter nights mean a lot of time for stargazing! This is something that our ancestors have done since the beginning of time. I remember a few times where I’d be outside with my mother and she would point out the Big Dipper, or Orion’s belt. If you’re still fascinated by the constellations like me, you’re going to love this month’s Maniology box!


Thankful for Maniology’s November Nail Subscription Box

Autumn is absolutely gorgeous right now! It’s not just the leaves changing color, which would be enough, but it’s the sweaters, the pumpkin spice latte’s, the fireplace smell that drifts through the neighborhood. It’s absolutely romantic. This is why I chose Autumn to be my middle name (also, I was born in October, so it’s even more fitting). Last month I featured a Maniology bundle that I got just for Halloween. This month, I’m going to feature one of their monthly boxes. Just as a heads up, I LOVE it!


A Pumpkin Honey Face Mask for All Skin Types

I believe I’ve said this multiple times, but if you’re new to my blog, I’ll say it again. New England winters are HARSH!!! Brutal even. Don’t get me wrong, fall is gorgeous, summer is beautiful, and spring is magical with all the colors slowly blooming in nature until one day everything is lush and green and colorful. Winter, however, is cold and no matter how I try to protect my face the dry air eventually causes it to dry out, which means my cheeks can flake they get so dry and my brown and the middle of my face gets overly oily in an attempt to compensate for the dryness. I was so happy to find this festive face mask packed with skin-soothing ingredients that are sure to have you soft and balanced again.


Ouija Board Halloween Nails from Maniology!

I recently decided to get a Halloween bundle from Maniology and I have to say I was NOT disappointed by what I got! I got two stamping plates, a special Halloween themed scrap and stamper, as well as three gorgeous polishes to try. Not only will I review how this product worked for me, but I’ll also show you a custom design I did using the polishes I had on hand.


How to Make This Pumpkin Spice Bath Salt

This is the month where Pumpkin Spice really shines I think. How can you resist a warm pumpkin spiced latte or some delicious pumpkin bread? I could honestly bath in the smell of pumpkin spice…and then I found this recipe. The ingredients list is only four items long and the smell is amazing. It’s also extremely easy to assemble and perfect if you want to get your little ones involved.


How to Make this Honey and Oat Face Mask

I adore this mask. It’s easy to make and you probably already have the ingredients in your pantry! Because it’s readily available, it easy to throw it together any time you want a little pampering and it’s great for all skin types too!


Introducing Maniology!

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I almost exclusively used MoYou London in the past. Recently, however, I’ve found their customer service as well as how they seem to take their customers for granted made me think I should broaden my scope to include other manicure businesses. So I went out looking for another nail company that was equal to them in quality and product as well as showing their customer appreciation. That’s when I found Maniology. Not only is their polish top-notch, but they offer mini starter sets so you can try them before you drop a lot of money on something you may not like. I used their products exclusively (with the exception of a ridge filler) to get this gorgeous look!


Crystal of the Month: Carnelian

To be honest, Carnelian was not my favorite crystal. Slowly though, over time it’s grown on me. I’ve come to really appreciate it’s reddish-orange color and then once I started learning about its metaphysical properties, I started to like it even more. This is also the natural birthstone for those born from August 22 to September 22, so if your birthday falls in that range be sure to read on!