Painting: Blue Buddha

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Title: Blue Buddha
Materials: Acrylic on Textured Board
Prints on: Etsy

Every year around Christmas, my husband and I go to this wonderful little seaport town called Rockport. If you’re ever in Massachusetts, especially during the holidays, I highly recommend stopping here. There are tons of these adorable little stores and great restaurants. I’ll write a post just about how amazing this place is some other time, but for now I want to write about my inspiration for the piece above.

There is a particular store that I’m crazy over called Floating Lotus. It’s a store that sells a lot of Tibetan and Eastern items. I’ve bought quite a few things from there including a singing bowl and a meditation cushion. My husband sometimes gets me a piece of jewelry from there because all of the settings are incredibly unique. I feature some of these pieces on my Instagram. Every year, I try to save a little money to get myself something really special from there.

One year I decided to buy this blue Buddha. He’s not very tall, only about 4 or 5 inches high. He’s seated with his eyes closed in peaceful meditation. Now, I’m not Buddhist, but for me personally I feel like he would have been an extremely good therapist! I have a lot of Buddhist sayings that I like to sometimes read and think about throughout my day. He was my first statue purchase and the first to really start my Eastern Art collecting.

I was inspired by the blue of the stone, and the warm colors of my studio in contrast, so I decided to paint him. At this point in my painting career I was still learning how to work with Liquitex acrylics, and I was exploring the vibrancy that they naturally possess. I was also just beginning to learn about facial anatomy. My parents were both cartoonists, and by default I learned how to mimic their styles. This painting contains both the searching for my own artistic style along with that of my upbringing. While I no longer paint in this way, I still have the original hanging in my office right next to my art desk. It’s a calm reminder that things will change. My art style changes, where I live may change, but there is still peace in all of that. I hope it brings you the same peace it brings me.

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