Alton Brown’s Bourbon Pecan Pie Recipe

I am a long time fan of Alton Brown. He doesn’t just throw a recipe at you, but rather takes the time to educate you about the way food works and explain exactly happens when you do certain things to your food. So when I was looking for a new dessert to try and make I found his Alton Brown’s… Read more »

Cafe Fleuri and their Amazing Chocolate Bar

I’ve been living in Massachusetts for a few years now, and have done a lot of the touristy things. I’ve gone to Samuel Adams Brewery, I’ve been to the top of the Prudential Center, I’ve hung out in the Common and ice skated at Frog Pond.. but I keep my ear low to the ground for things that the average… Read more »

Vintage Horror Movie Review: Army of Darkness (1992)

Every Halloween I decorate my house, dress up, break out the candy, and put on Army of Darkness. Out of all the Evil Dead movies, this happens to be my favorite. It really has everything from corny catch phrases, zombies, and of course Bruce Campbell. Army of Darkness starts of where Evil Dead left off. Ash Williams is sucked through… Read more »

How to: Sculpt a Pumpkin

So for the last few years I’ve been watching Halloween Wars on the Food Network. It combines two of my favorite hobbies which is cooking and art. One of the things they do that I’ve been wanting to try for years is pumpkin sculpting. Pumpkin sculpting is much different than carving. Pumpkin carving conjures up images of the traditional toothy… Read more »

How To Make a Vintage Halloween Garland

October has to be one of my favorite months next to December. The air starts getting cool and you get to break out all those great fall and winter clothes that you had packed away (or in my case laying on the basement floor waiting to be washed. -_- don’t judge me bro.) As a kid I was taught that… Read more »

And I Quote: “Happiness is Not Something Ready Made.”

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama XIV We live in a very fast paced society. We want the fastest phones, we want to lose weight fast, we want to get rich fast, we want our food microwaved and sometimes when we’re really hungry even 1 minute can feel too long to… Read more »

To Parents with Nerdy Kids: Four Things You Need to Know

Dear Parents of Nerdy Kids, What I’m about to write to you, is what I wish I had been able to write to my family as a kid. This is not a letter to bash, or be mean, but hopefully to shed some light on how I felt, and possibly how your kid might feel being considered a nerd. I’m… Read more »

Vintage Horror Movie Review: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Quiet honestly, I’m not a fan of many modern horror. There’s either too much blood and senseless dismemberment, or the computer generated effects are just way too real looking. I’m fairly certain if I watched the remake of Evil Dead, I wouldn’t be able do laundry for a week because my washer and dryer are in the basement of my… Read more »

Penne Alla Vodka

autumn   September 11, 2013   No Comments on Penne Alla Vodka

Can’t immediately fly to Italy for a nice romantic dinner? No problem, just bring Italy to your kitchen. I got this recipe from a book called “The Gourmet Cookbook” by Ruth Reichl. While the dish itself is bound to inspire romance, I also suggest it be accompanied by some red wine, crusty bread, candles, and Lucciano Pavarotti’s Greatest Hits.  … Read more »